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Search and Replace - Include Sub Folders (within files) jwidby
Exit unexpected on Replace function Josh E
MonkeyMerge - Problems with dates Skawn
Append text question arak
Rename pdf file with pdf file created date.... adirving
Append word 3 to file name if word 3 is a number. adirving
Zero padding numeric filenames cchivers
AOL exporting address book help djs
Run-time error: Object variable or 'With block' variable not Jackyboy
Search and replace wringers
How do you delete word 3 and 4 of a file name? adirving
monkey merge problem POPSNC2
User Profile Deletion using Batch Program buz90a
Writing EXIF to jpeg's without EXIF Casey44
Can I split file contents line by line into multiple files ? dex
Boot Problems Following Running Remove Emtpy Folders PCMan
navigating folders (directory jump) Josh E
HELP! Need to copy changed files and append date to filename persiannight
Merging Files bymark
Can FileMonkey Move Files Based on Date? Guest
How can I use a .run file? cshevlin
combine 2 excel spreadsheets thedba
Batch move files up 1 directory from that files current dir nate
Export to Excel pee2pee
List Files - What Type pee2pee
Just an Idea rjs34id
Copy Multiple Files to Multiple Folders / Locations rjs34id
read only attribute for folders lemank
Add text Before a File Name donaldsc
Wishful HOPING!!!!! UNDO FEATURE.... akiba
swap filenames taxi-nick to nick-taxi? Guest
Suggestions? countrygirlxxoo
Can file monkey do this? bhartung
spaces Guest
Empty folder detection? arak
Can find a string, but replace doesn't work dshippy
Display/List quota Josh E
Move MP3 Music Files
Save extracted URL's in tab delimited format
Slideshow pix out of sequence
Renaming sequence glitch
Monitor server and archive files
Transfer files from c disk to d disk
Insert filename to first line in file
Change programs associated with files

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