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How can I re-sequence images so that they are in sync?

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My pix are filenamed pix-1.jpg, pix-2.jpg, etc. When I import them into a slideshow they are sequenced by the slideshow program as pix-1.jpg, pix-10.jpg, pix-101.jpg, etc. Which is, of course out of sequence. With 400 images, I go nuts trying to manually rearrange.

You could use the rename feature (Quick-Find/Rename) to rename your files sequentially, appending zeros to file names.

Firstly, order the files by name. Right click on the file list in the main window and select "Sort by column/Filename" to sort by file name. Do this again if necessary. The files should be arranged in the main window something like:


Next, select the "Quick-Find/Rename" menu item from the main window. This will open the rename window.

Use the features in the rename window to rename your files as:


For example, enter start text of pix- and tick the "Add Sequence" tick box and enter an align zeros value of 3. Enter end text as .jpg

Before renaming, you may want to back up your files, just in case. You can use the Copy feature to do this.

Now, when you import the pictures, they should be in the desired order.

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