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Rename pdf file with pdf file created date....

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adirving If I right click on my file and go to properties I see four tabs: General, PDF, Summary and Security. I want to add the file created date from the PDF tab to my file name. The file created date on the general tab is not the correct date. Right now when I append the date it adds the date from the general tab. Is there a way to have it pull the date from the PDF tab? Thanks
Site Admin
unfortunately, both FileMonkey and FoldMonkey cannot pull pdf specific data from a pdf file for renaming. We only know of one automated method of doing this but it is very very tricky.

The basic procedure would be to use the "Extract" feature of FileMonkey to extract the required dates from your pdf file. Then, you would need to save the results in plain text format from the results window and then use FileMonkey (replace feature) to convert the saved file into a batch file that will rename your files to append the required date. The operation is far too complex to itemize step by step.

adirving I actually noticed that the modified date on the general tab seems to always match the file created date in the PDF tab. I just used that field to rename my files. Thanks anyway for your help!

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