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Writing EXIF to jpeg's without EXIF

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Casey44 You write:
"2. Date changer will now add exif metadata to jpeg files that do not have exif data when changing exif (internal) dates."

But I see nothing about this at the website or Product Help Pages.

So: Is it possible to add EXIF data (if only just date of creation) to ordinary JPEG's?

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yes, although admittedly, the feature is not well documented yet.

You should back up your jpeg files first as a precaution.

1. Launch JPEG Japery.

2. Target your jpeg files in the main window.

3. Select the "Quick-Find/Dates" menu item from the main window.

4. In the dates window, select the "Change date and time" option (this will probably be selected by default).

5. Tick one of the internal date tick boxes. For example, exif tags support "date picture taken", "date picture modified" and "date picture digitized", so tick one or more of these boxes.

Enter any date and time for one of these dates.

6. Click on "Start" to start the operation.


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