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Can file monkey do this?

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bhartung I have a directory structure that I want to delete file from. The delete criteria is any file that resides in a subdirectory named "temp". So, for example it could delete...


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yes but it's a bit tricky (the following has been tested on windows xp using filemonkey version 9.86):

1. Right click on the FileMonkey icon and select "Run as administrator".

2. Navigate to the folder that contains the temp folders by clicking down the folder tree on the left of the main window.

3. Target all files (press F4)

4. Open the command line feature (Quick-Find/command line menu item)

5. Click on the "Clear" button

6. Check (tick) the "include sub folders" and "include hidden folders" check boxes

7. Select the "Work on all files" option

8. In the first box (enter head code box) enter the following code:

@echo off

9. In the 3rd box (enter code for each target file box) enter the following 2 lines of code:

if "<foldNoPath>"=="Temp" attrib <myDosFold><myDosFile> -h
if "<foldNoPath>"=="Temp" del <myDosFold><myDosFile>

10. in the last box (enter tail code) enter the following 2 lines of code:


11. Click the "Create job" button to create the job.

12. Close the results window when it opens and then click on the "Launch job" button (click on the proceed button to continue).

And that's it.


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