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Insert filename to first line in file

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I was wondering if FileMonkey has any feature that can edit a file's content by inserting the filename (without the extension) in the first line of the file? There is no consistency in the content of the files that I'm working with (i.e., the files do not have any string in the file content that's common to all the files).

You can use the append feature to add the file name to the start of each target file. Note that you should only target plain text file types as compiled files (such as doc files) may be corrupted.

Target your files using the main window.

Select the "Quick-Find/Append" menu item

Delete all text in the text box.

In the append window, check (tick) the "Use tags" check box.

Click on the "<" button and select the "Add File Name Without Extension" menu item.

This will insert the FileNameNoDotExt tag into the text box.

After the tag in the text box, enter a carriage return (put the cursor at the end of the tag and then press the return key on your keyboard)

Select the "Append To The Start" option.

Click on "Start" to start the operation.

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