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countrygirlxxoo Hello,

I have a useability suggestion. Is there any way you can make a keyboard command to rename the file that your cursor is sitting on? I've looked through Filemonkey and cannot find a keyboard command. It will open the rename box on the file if you click it with your mouse once, wait a second and then click it again, but I'm an old DOS girl, and I love my keyboard commands. You could make it F2 like it is in the windows folders (instead of taking you to a web site). I'm using the registerd version of Filemonkey (9.86).

Also, can you turn the option back on where any previous text you have searched/replaced is selected for you when you open the Search and Replace window (and is selected when you tab down to the Replace area)? I loved that feature, but it's not in the newer versions. Before, all I had to do was start typing the new search/replace string, and it would delete what was in there before. Now I have to either highlight the string with my mouse before I start typing or sit there and hit the delete key until it's all deleted before I can type in my new search/replace strings.

Other than those two things, I have no complaints. It's not often that I pay for software, but I paid for Filemonkey because it's the best one I've found (and I looked for a long time). I used the free version until the trial period ran out and then bought the registered version. Keep up the good work!

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these features have now been implemented (version 9.87).


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