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Add text Before a File Name

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donaldsc I am trying to add text before an existing file name. For example, I have a bunch of files with specific descriptions of the photos - "place name.jpg".

I want to add a general description of the text before the existing text to the file name reads "trip description place name.jpg".

To be more specific, my current file names are
"Black Flye_1.jpg",
"My Paddle.jpg" etc.

I want them to read
"Boat School Black Flye_1.jpg" and
"Boat School My Paddle.jpg".

Replace will not work because all the files have different names.

Any ideas?


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you can use the "Rename" feature of FileMonkey to append text to file names. There is a basic tutorial available here:

Be sure and use the latest version. If you are a registered user, select the Help/Update menu item from the main window.


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