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How to convert the url results list into tab delimited format?

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I am trying to extract urls from a text file but the result lists them all together with spaces. You cannot paste them into a database this way. It puts all urls into one field box.

If you need to separate the urls with tab characters or a tab character followed by a carriage return, please use the following work-around:

1. After the extract operation, save the results (click the "Save" button in the results window).

2. Target ONLY the saved file in the FileMonkey main window (find the file in the main window and then double click on it twice) and check that the "Include Sub Folders" tick box is cleared.

3. Select the "Quick-Find/Replace" menu item.

4. In the replace window, select the "Edit File Contents" option and clear all tick boxes.

5. If there is any text inside the "Search For" and "Replace With" text boxes, delete the text.

6. Enter a space character in the "Search For" text box (click on the box and then press the space key on your keyboard).

7. Enter a tab character then a carriage return in the "Replace With" text box (click on the box and then press the ctrl+tab keys on your keyboard to enter the tab character. Then press the return button to enter a carriage return).

8. Click on the "Start" button to start the operation. You should now be able to import the file into any database application (for example, Excel) with the required formatting.

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