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Renaming in sequence and series glitch

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I wanted to rename 173 files in a series 000 to 172 to a series 001 to 173. The program renamed the "000" file into "173" which means it placed it at the end of the series. It should have renamed all the files by incrementing +1 but it didnt.

FileMonkey will start on the first file in the list (000). It will then attempt to rename file 000 to 001. Then, it will encounter an error as file 001 already exists. As you cannot have 2 files in the same folder with the same name, FileMonkey cannot rename file 000 to 001. FileMonkey will then try the next number in the sequence (002). FileMonkey will then attempt to rename file 000 to 002. Again the same error will occur. This will continue to file 173. As file 173 does not exist, FileMonkey will rename file 000 to 173.

To get around this problem, firstly you should undo the rename operation to get your files back to sequence 000 - 173.

Then you should back up your files just in case something goes wrong.

Then, you can use the rename feature to change the file extension to something else. For example .dfd

Then use the rename feature to perform the sequence operation at the same time, changing the extension back to what it was originally. For example, this will rename file 000.dfd to 001

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