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wringers I would like to search and replace through a folder containing over 500 MS Word documents. The phrase that I would like to find and replace is embedded in a hyperlink within the word documents.

I want to change the following phrase in the hyperlinks within the Word docs.

*_ssf/Java Simulation/sim/i.htm*

*_ssf/java simulation/sim/i.htm*

I am unable to do this and would like any assistance.

Site Admin
before we can answer this, we would need to know: are the asterisk characters (*) wild or have you just used them to encompass the search and replace phrases or are they part of the search and replace phrases?
Assuming the following:

Search phrase: _ssf/Java Simulation/sim/i.htm
Replace phrase: _ssf/java simulation/sim/i.htm

Usually, if you perform search and replace on binary files (such as word documents), the files will be corrupted. In this case however, as the search and replace phrases are the same length, this problem will not occur.

Binary protect will stop FileMonkey from editing binary files. You can disable binary protect. From the main window menu, select the "View/Settings" menu item.

Then, from the settings window, select the "Smart protect is off" option and click the "Done" button.

Before you use search and replace, you may want to use the copy feature to make a back up of your files.

wringers They are just used them to encompass the search and replace phrases

I want to change the case of Java Simulation to java simulation which is embedded in the middle of a long hyperlink. Wild cards may be required.

Sample hyperlink path:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> - credit memo fi - create_f/info pak simulation_ssf/Java Simulation/sim/i.htm

I should have said

_ssf/Java Simulation/sim/i.htm

_ssf/java simulation/sim/i.htm

Site Admin
yes, search and replace will do this but please note the following:

1. You will have to disable binary protect first.

2. We recommend that you back up your files first (you could use the copy feature to do this).

3. We only recommend using search and replace on these files if the search phrase is the same length as the replace phrase.

4. If you are using wildcards, ensure that the search phrase will always be of the same length as the replace phrase on these binary files. The ? wildcard is any single character. We recommend that you do not use the asterisk wildcard on binary files as there is not really any way to predict the length on the search phrase unless you are sure of what you are replacing (* is any text of any length).

5. When you are finished, you should re-enable binary protect.


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