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Can FileMonkey Move Files Based on Date?

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Guest I'm looking to move files from a user's network drive (server drive) to a local C: drive, based on date. For example, if a file is over two years old and hasn't been opened in two years, move it to this location, C:\Documents and Settings\archive.

The software would need to scan a select folder/path, i.e. P:\Word and search down the tree into it, and move those files meeting the above condition into the C:\Documents and Settings\archive folder, while retaining path/folder properties to the source file.

Could either File or FoldMonkey do that? Thanks!

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Joined: 13 Jan 2005
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Location: United Kingdom
The FileMonkey command line feature can do this with the following exceptions:

1. You would need permission to move files from the network drive to the local drive.
2. The folder path may be lost dependant on which operating system you are running.
3. You can move files by last accessed date or last modified date but not both.
4. Dependant on the operating system, the last access date may be incorrectly polled.


Vipa This is exactly what I want to be able to do now I have renamed my m4a files to mp4 i need to MOVE any target files which were modified on a specific date.

Please tell me exactly what I need to do with the command line feature to achieve this


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Joined: 13 Jan 2005
Posts: 25
Location: United Kingdom
we have now added a copy move feature which will more easily assist you. Please use the following instructions:

1. Right click on the FileMonkey icon and select "Run as administrator".

2. Target the folder that your files are in by clicking down the folder tree in the main window.

3. Click on the "Use filters" arrow to activate filters.

4. To target files by date, check (tick) the "File Date" check box and use the controls to enter the required date range.

5. Check the "Include Sub-Folders" check box if you wish to extend the operation to include files in sub-folders.

6. Select the "Quick-Find / Copy" menu item.

7. From the "Copy or move files" window, select the "Move files to" option from the drop down menu at the top of the window.

8. Enter the path that you wish to move files to in the next box.

9. To start the operation, click the "Start" button.


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