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How do you delete word 3 and 4 of a file name?

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adirving I want to delete the third and fourth word in a file name.

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we have just released version 10.46 of FileMonkey which will address these issues. Please download this version from (or if you are a registered user, select the "Help/Update" menu item from the main window).

Use the main window to target your files and then open the "Rename" feature. In the rename window, select the "Rename Files" option. Tick the "Start Text" tick box and clear all other tick boxes.

Assume that your files have 5 words. Enter a "Start Text" of:

<FileWord1> <FileWord2> <FileWord5>.<oldFileExtension>

to delete words 3 and 4.

You may want to confirm this in the preview pane before you start the operation and you may need to adjust the above technique depending on exactly how your file names are formatted.


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