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User Profile Deletion using Batch Program

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buz90a I have a problem getting Delprof.exe to delete user profiles who have logged out of their Novel account, in fact Delprof dosen't work at all!!
So under path C:\Documents and Settings\..... we have stored the XP default folders (3 inthis case). As people log in their profile folder is stored along side the default folders and I wish to use a batch file that will delete the new profiles but retain the default ones. The new profile folders have always got 7 characters in their name, the folders I wish to keep have more than 7 characters in their name.
Could someone out there give me some samples of a batch file which might do this task please?

Thanks in Advance


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sorry, we don't know how to do this but if anyone else reading this does know, please post here.

The command:

rd /s /q "C:\documents and settings\foldername"

will remove individual known folders+contents if that's any help.


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