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Delete files in folder after closing foldmonkey cragarry
Monitor a folder and print all files to Adobe adirving
Archiving Guest
Rename fle-adding folder name to the file name adirving
Maintaining folders structure when Archiving stvlim
Do I have to hit start monitor after I create a service? adirving
Suggestions on how services are set up adirving
Multiple instances of MonkeyFolder on the same server datawalker
Command Line options
help file patterns DjPete
Changing multiple file extensions Vipa
Moveing folders? sonica
Suggestions hpb
Service only works once gezza
service not working properly nick
Suggestion for the creation of folders Guest
Not moving files Kal
Monitor at ... File Pattern rhharper
Run Time Error 372 christopher_baldwin
Create Folders with specific character lenght Paolo
Edit service settings hpb
Renaming: Date option hpb
Move folders rather than files hpb

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