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Delete files in folder after closing foldmonkey

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cragarry Is there a way to delete the files in a folder after closing an application?
I want to monitor a folder for new files, open those files in adobe acrobat and save those files to a new location with a new name, then delete or move to the recycle bin after the program closes. Any Ideas?
Site Admin
although FoldMonkey can copy/move files to a new location, I am not sure that acrobat can save and then close files automatically from the command line.

You can set up FoldMonkey to monitor a folder for new files and then send those files to acrobat and then delete the files after acrobat closes however, you would have to save (to a folder that FoldMonkey is NOT monitoring) and then close each file using acrobat yourself (manually). After you save and close the file, FoldMonkey can autmatically delete the original.

Is this what you mean't?

chromehorn So how do you do it?
use steps 1 to 4 on the following tutorial:

Next, create a batch file C:\myBatchFile.bat using any plain text editor (for example notepad)

Enter the following script (you may have to edit this depending on your operating system. The script below is designed for windows xp):

@echo off

start/wait "" "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" %1
del %1


Save and close the batch file.

When ready, click on the "Start to monitor" button in the FoldMonkey settings window to start the operation.

That works GREAT! Thanks!

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