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adirving I want to have fold monkey rename and move folders/files from one computer to mine. Then after that I want it to move those same folders/files to an archive folder on the original computer. I know I can set up 2 services to do this but how do I make sure the files are renamed and moved to my computer first then moved to the archived folder? Should I move them to the archive folder then set up a second service to monitor the archive folder to move them to my computer?

or how would I make 2 services run at the same time?
Site Admin
it would probably work to make 2 services and run them at the same time.

Make the first service in the usual way, enter your settings in the settings window and then click the "Service" button to create the service. You will be given the option to start the service straight away.

Next, return to the settings window and enter the settings for the second service. Click the "Service" button to open the service window. Enter a new name and new log file path for the second service (different to the name for the first service) and then create the second service.

You may want to test this first on a testfolder as there are no undo features.


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