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How do you delete word 3 and 4 of a file name?

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Author Message I was wondering if it would be possible to add usb drive detection to FoldMonkey. If this isn't possible then perhaps a command line option to startup run once and then exit? Thanks

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FoldMonkey will only recognize a usb drive if it is already recognized as a drive by windows (For example, if you can view the drive using windows explorer then FoldMonkey should recognize it).

Although you can launch FoldMonkey from the command line, this can only be done under a windows environment. If you tick the "Start scanning when launched" tick box, FoldMonkey will run from your system tray.

There is currently no option to scan only once and then exit however, we will consider adding a command line switch to do this.

monkeyjob Hi,
we have now added this functionality to FoldMonkey version 1.58.

You can download the latest version from or if you are a registered user, select the "Online/Update" system tray menu item.

You can use the /scanonce command line switch to start FoldMonkey. FoldMonkey will then perform one scan cycle using the settings that you last entered and then FoldMonkey will close.

For example, under Windows XP, you can call FoldMonkey from a batch file like so:

@echo off

start "" "C:\Program Files\FoldMonk\FoldMonk.exe" /scanonce


This assumes that FoldMonkey is installed in "C:\Program Files\FoldMonk"


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