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Moveing folders?

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sonica Hi,

Is there anyway to move folder?

Site Admin
yes, you can move folders but the process is tricky and done in steps:

Using the "Archive" section, check(tick) the "create folder" check box and enter the tag

<OriginalSubfolder(s)> in the "Create folder" text box.

Next, check the "folder path" check box and enter the path to create the folder on in the

"Folder path" text box.

Then select the "move file to the above folder" option.

If you want to delete the original folder when finished, you can write a batch file to do

this and then use the "Launch section" to run the batch file. The command you would use is

rd which would delete (remove) the directory only if it is empty.

For example, create a batch file, the contents will look something like this:

@echo off
rd %1%

Save the file as c:\myfile.bat

Enter c:\myfile.bat in the "Program" text box (launch section of FoldMonkey)

Check the "wait for program to close before moving to next file" check box.

Enter "<filePath>" (with quotes) in the parameters section (sends the folder name to the

batch file).

We recommend that you try the above on a test folder. You may need to tweak it depending on

your operating system.

Note that the above procedure won't delete folders if they contain sub-folders. We are working to correct this in the next release.


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