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First off: FoldMonkey does a great job here and exactly what I need.
But it could be even better, after all, it seems it is the only software of its kind on the net.

1.) File Pattern: Include and exclude options, as well as option to monitor multiple patterns at once
2.) Archiving: Option to copy and additionally move a file to different folders simultanously
3.) Networking support (path names like \\\backup)

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Joined: 13 Jan 2005
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we were unable to add network support to this product. We will continue to look into this but cannot guarantee a time frame.

We have added support for multiple file patterns. You can separate patterns using a semi-colon. For example: *.txt;*.doc;*.gif

You can copy and move files simultaneously by using the following basic instructions (note that these instructions can be customized to suit your specific needs):

1. Right click on the FoldMonkey icon and select "Run as administrator". Use the settings window to set up the operation as you require (For example, if you want files renamed or folders created).

You also need to target the folder that you are working on and enter scanning parameters such as time intervals and file pattern mask etc.

2. Check the "Launch Program" check box.

3. Check the "Wait For Program To Close Before Moving To Next File" check box.

4. Enter the following information in the "Launch" section:

Program: C:\mybatchfile.bat
Parameters: "<filePath>\<newFileName>"

Note: Include the quote marks when entering the above information.

5. Create a batch file C:\mybatchfile.bat with the following contents:

@echo off
xcopy/y %1 "C:\Target Folder"

6. Change the contents of the above file as required.

For example, if you wanted to copy files to C:\My Documents, then you must change this line to:

xcopy/y %1 "C:\My Documents"

For example, if you wanted to move files rather than copy them, you must change this line to:

move/y %1 "C:\Target Folder"

7. Save and close the batch file.

8. You are now ready to start scanning. Each new file found will be copied to the folder that you have defined in the batch file.


FoldMonkey is still unable to scan remote webdrives but you can get around this problem now by simulating a network drive using software such as webdrive available from:


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