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Do I have to hit start monitor after I create a service?

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adirving I have created 3 services. Do they automatically monitor the folders once the service is started?
Site Admin
when you create a service, you will be asked if you wish to start the service now. You can click "Yes" to start the service or "No" which will start the service the next time you boot your computer.

When a service is started, it will begin monitoring with the settings that you have entered when you created the service.

You can test if a service is running. Find the folder that you are monitoring and create a new file. If the file is then worked on (renamed/archived), you know that the service is running. The file will not be worked on if you are using file patterns and the file name does not match the pattern.

You can also check the status of all services on your machine from your control panel. From your windows start menu select: "Control panel/Administrative tools/Services"

You can also check the service log file.


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