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Use Rename From List to rename files from an imported plain text list. Download the latest version (download size ).

Rename From List supports the following platforms: Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows XP. Click HERE to download the latest free evaluation version of Rename From List (Version - about - this is a full version 30 day trial). To purchase the full registered version, click HERE.

If you are experiencing problems downloading, please read the following article:


or contact us. If you are happy with this product then click HERE to purchase the latest full version of Rename From List.

Benefits of registering Rename From List include:
So please help support this product by purchasing the full version. Please use the following instructions when installing Rename From List:

1. If you are installing over a previous install of Rename From List then it is recommended that you close all open Rename From List windows and un-install Rename From List from your computer before installing again.

2. Click HERE to download the Rename From List installation package.

3. Double click the file "RenList.exe" (the file that you downloaded in step 2 above) and then follow the installation instructions.

4. Rename From List is now installed.


To uninstall Rename From List, close Rename From List and then select the "Uninstall Rename From List" shortcut in the Rename From List folder of your start menu.

If this does not work then you can manually uninstall Rename From List. Firstly, you must close Rename From List. Then, find the folder that Rename From List is installed in (This is typically something like "C:\Program Files\RenList"). Delete this folder.

If you have any installation problems, contact us Registered Users:

Launch your registered version of Rename From List. From the main menu select Online and then select Update.

Alternatively, refer to your original order receipt for instructions or contact us.

Un-Registered Users:

Use the download links above to download the latest trial version of Rename From List.


If you have any problems downloading the latest version then contact us Rename From List has received awards from well respected organizations. Click HERE to view the awards given to Rename From List. Click HERE for a screen shot of the main window Click HERE to contact the authors.
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