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Text In Text Boxes Does Not Print - Why?

This is a bug with earlier versions of Microsoft word.

We have the following 2 suggested work arounds:

A> Save the file in word 95 format and then print (you will probably need to manually format the pages):

1. Open the merged file using Microsoft Word.

2. Select the "File/Save As" menu item.

3. In the "Save As" window, enter a new file name.

4. From the drop down box, select the "Word 6.0/95 (*.doc)" option.

5. Click the "Save" button to save the document in Word 95 format.

6. Close Word.

7. Open the Word 95 document that you just saved using Word.

8. Now, when you print the document, the text inside the text box should display on the printed pages.

Note that this is not a perfect work-around as saving in Word 95 format may result in the loss of formatting.

B> Use Word 2007 or greater.

This bug has been fixed in Microsoft Word 2007 and greater. You will need to install Word 2007 or open this file using Word 2007. You should then find that the text inside the box will print properly.

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