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Additional File Launching Options Using Open Files.FM

How to associate a program with a file type or extension:

Under all windows operating systems, if you double click on a file, the file will be opened using the specified program for that file. For example, if you double click on a text file, you would expect it to be opened by Notepad, Wordpad or some other text editing program.

You can explicitly specify which program to use to open certain file types through your operating system. You can do this by using the following instructions:


Launch windows explorer (There should be a shortcut to windows explorer in your start menu or you can select "Run..." from your start menu and then type explorer).


In windows explorer, select the "Tools/Folder Options..." menu item.


In the window that opens, select the "File Types" tab.


From the list of file types, select the type that you wish to change and click on the "Edit" button. If the file type is not present the click on the "New" button.


When you edit a file type, there will be an open action in the "Actions" section.

Select this action and then click on the "Edit..." button.

If there is no open action then you will have to add it using the "New..." button.


Set the program that you wish to use to open this file type and then click on the "OK" button.

Now, whenever you double click on a file, it should open using the program that you specified.

Launch All Files At Once

In the "Enter Code For Each Target File" section of the Open Files.FM script, find the following line:

start/w <myDosFold><myDosFile>

and change it to:

start <myDosFold><myDosFile>

Launch All Files Using A Specified program

It is possible to use the same program to open all of your files. For example, if you wanted to use Notepad to open your files, find the following line in the "Enter Code For Each Target File" section of the Open Files.FM script:

start/w <myDosFold><myDosFile>

and change it to:

C:\Windows\Notepad.exe <myDosFold><myDosFile>

If the program you are calling requires extra command line parameters to run properly then you will have to also insert them into the above line in the correct place.

As each program behaves differently, you would have to consult the documentation for the program that you are using for information on that programs' command line parameters.

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